• Kevin Heinonen

Harvest to Harvest

Tinderbox Kitchen snuggles into Autumn with its new Fall/Winter Menu.

For more than ten years, the Tinderbox Kitchen has created many menus through its lifetime. Warmer weather springs forward a harvest of fruits and vegetables ready to be included into a lighter, summery style menu. Cooler weather roots us back into the more earthy, heartier fare.

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year! Cool crisp evenings bring out all those tucked away sweaters, as Mother Nature paints through the forest the colors of Autumn.

It's a time of change, and with that, we welcome a harvest of ingredients that influences our new Fall/Winter menu.

Butternut Squash and maple create a savory and slightly sweet, warm bisque sure to hug you from the inside. A Pan Seared Swordfish rests in a delicate corn broth surrounded by a school of red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, fresh dill, and crispy leek. Then there's the hearty Beef Short Rib set atop a stage of celery root mashers, roasted root vegetables, and topped with a red wine demi-glace. There are more players in this fall festival of new flavors, but you have to come down and experience that for yourself.

Our menu isn't always complete; it evolves. As more ingredients become available through the season, they are adapted in to keep our dishes fresh and lively, giving our customers the best food experience possible.

"Recreating our menu isn't just about the change of season and the availability of new ingredients that enhance the time of year; it's about the change that must happen," according to Mike Schmitz, Culinary Director of THAT Place Projects and Executive Chef, Tinderbox Kitchen, Annex Cocktail Lounge & Tourist Home All Day Cafe’.

"Change is good. It gives our customers the freshest, most available ingredients; it keeps us more immersed in our menu and the creativity of the dishes we serve. It's fun and well thought out, and that translates directly into what we set down in front of you.”

From harvest to harvest, Tinderbox Kitchen delivers what you expect. The best possible ingredients, creative, well composed, never fussy but always sophisticated dishes you can enjoy and relax with, whether a special occasion or just a regular Tuesday.

The fields have yielded their harvest. The very fields Chef Mike has stood in contemplating, through love and imagination, the magic they will bring to the new Fall/Winter menu.


Everyone is welcome at Tinderbox Kitchen.