• Kevin Heinonen

A Spring Update from our Vineyard - Sutcliffe Vineyards

Summer hasn’t imposed its usual impatience on spring so far this year, perhaps sensing the diffidence we all feel at “moving forward”. But as spring defers to summer, we must now emerge from this nervous torpor. Thankfully the Vineyard is open for tastings, small bites and tours, and of course exercising intelligent caution.

A very substantial vegetable garden is under way; heirloom tomato garden is planted and flourishing if pleading for warmer nights. A deep frost some weeks ago cost us the peaches, apricots, nectarines, and cherries and for the first time in my memory, my beloved plums; Greengage and Victoria.

The apples and pear trees are defiantly loaded and the wonderful orchard we are associated within Montezuma Canyon, is replete with fruit. This spring we have made a point of studying our bees a lot more, and unsurprisingly registering the precise suitability of our farm for these devout, industrious, little creatures. Chamisa, Tamarisk and Sage come to life early in the year, followed by a parade of blossom as the orchards explode. But arguably the greatest attribute the Farm has for the bees is the successive flowering, harvesting and further flowering of the alfalfa… 4 splendid times a year. We have the Honey available at the Vineyard.

With restaurants and resorts cautiously reopening, we have given much thought to online sales, aided by some little videos that people have found amusing. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram. The website always has all our current wines listed and available for purchase.

We have crafted the Telluride Red with Telluride Ski and Golf for a number of vintages but have not had it available at the Vineyard until now; it is a truly beautiful wine. Lots of things are in the works. The governor’s directive means that Sutcliffe Vineyards is open for business- how great does that sound?

We plan to have some of our favorite restaurants hold events and dinners at the Vineyard, Butcher and Baker in Telluride, Dunton Hot Springs and the Ore House in Durango amongst them.

We have been delighted by the kindness and support of all our Wine Society Members and local connoisseurs alike, and hopefully we have been more than attentive during this difficult time.

John Sutcliffe

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