Kevin Heinonen - OWNER


Kevin sometimes refers to himself as an "accidental restauranteur", due to the fact that the industry found him, as opposed to him finding the industry. He is a lawyer by trade, which happens to come in handy as a restaurant Owner.

Kevin has been at the helm since May of 2009 when Tinderbox Kitchen first opened. His tenacity & passion for Hospitality have unquestionably built this company into what it is today.


Nick Williams - OWNER


Nick found his start with THAT Place Projects Restaurant Group at the Annex Cocktail Lounge in the summer of 2013, as a bar back. He quickly rose to lead the bar program into a new era of craft cocktails, & in 2017, bought in as an Owner with Kevin.

His passion lies in the pursuit of creating an experience for each guest that is curated, comfortable, nostalgic & transformative at the same time.




Lisa has been with us for over a decade, & has worn many hats over her tenure. She knows every aspect of this company, inside & out, & is the consensus "smartest person on property". Attention to detail & understanding of the holistic perspective of the guest experience is one of the many ways what makes her great.

34 S. San Francisco Street

Flagstaff , AZ  86001 
Open everyday 5pm to 10pm

© 2020 THAT Place Projects - Photography by Eric Hays

Daniel Williston - CHEF DE CUISINE


Daniel came to us recently from California, where he has been the Chef at such prestigious restaurants as Otium, Nomad, & Aubergine. His style finds influence in contemporary Japanese cuisine, mixed with Classic French & American fare.

He & Chef Mike Schmitz have crafted a menu that is sure to raise the bar on fine dining in Northern Arizona. We are incredibly lucky & grateful to have him leading our BOH team.




Mike Schmitz came to us from Champaign-Urbana, IL, in 2014. His incredible talent & passion for food drove him from prep cook, to Executive Chef, across all of THAT Place Projects concepts. 

He has been working tirelessly around the clock with our new Chef de Cuisine, Daniel Williston, to create a menu unlike anything that Northern Arizona has ever seen. We are so excited for what is in store...



Chris Davis is the definition of work ethic. This man has to be dragged, kicking & screaming, away from his kitchen on his days off. Chris is integral in making everything run smoothly in each kitchen across all of our properties.

He also happens to be pretty handy with a wrench & hammer...


Sam Penton -



Sam cut his teeth in the cocktail world at such gems as The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, Undertow, & Death & Company in both Denver & LA, before joining the Tinderbox Kitchen team. His intimate knowledge of cocktails, spirits, & wine, are second to none.

Furthermore, being a true Southern gentleman from Louisiana, he is no stranger to the meaning of true Hospitality.

Sam has been training our new incredible FOH team over the past few weeks, in addition to creating an entirely new cocktail list that is sure to blow your mind in conjunction w/ our unbelievable new wine list.