Stylish Everyday American Fare. Flagstaff's Best Restaurant.


Casual? Dressy? Flannel? Costume? Who cares? Come as you are.

“Tinderbox Kitchen is at the epicenter of the Flagstaff culinary awakening.”

—New York Magazine.

4.5 Stars - Trip Advisor


Stylish Everyday American Fare

Tinderbox Restaurant was the first elevated-cuisine restaurant on the south side of downtown Flagstaff. Owner Kevin Heinonen has received multiple accolades for his renovation of Tinderbox and companion restaurant concepts The Annex Cocktail Lounge and Tourist Home. Together, all three concepts were the first to bring a sense of “specialness” to the Southside. Chef Schmitz serves up well-executed spins on reimagined American fare.

We are kid friendly, and we will do our best to meet their tastes and/or dietary restrictions. Just ask your server.

September 30, 2019

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The point is, you'll love it.

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Best Restaurants, Arizona Highways (2010)

 Award of Excellence, Wine Spectator (1996-2012)

Everyone is welcome at Tinderbox Kitchen.